Building And Civil Engineering

Building And Civil Engineering Department

The Building and Civil Engineering department has since risen to be one of the best departments with exemplary performance in examinations. It has relentlessly produced innovative graduates at various levels with appropriate adaptive skills necessary towards achieving national goals on industrialization.

It offers the opportunity to study a wide range of accredited courses in the areas of Civil Engineering and Building. We pride ourselves on the practical and vocational nature of our courses and their relevance to the demands of the industry. Our aim is to develop and nurture the skill required to face the challenges of our increasingly complex built environment.

The Department currently has three fully equipped Workshops with modern equipment and machines adaptable for both training and industrial use. The workshops are continually upgraded to match the emerging technological trends.

Our world-class teaching and research are integrated to support the technical and commercial needs of both industry and society. The department has a competent, well trained and motivated staff who effectively impart knowledge and skills to trainees to enable them be adaptable to the dynamic global labour market.

The department has also established a collaborative relationship with the local industry with the aim of executing tailor made and refresher courses and seminars with prospectus of establishing hands-on skills. These courses include: plumbing, painting, tiling. Bricklaying and woodwork.

The major areas of study in this department are;

  1. Civil engineering
  2. Building and Construction
  3. Architecture
  4. Carpentry and joinery
  5. Masonry
  6. Plumbing
  7. CADD
  8. ArchiCAD
  9. AutoCAD

Courses Offered in BCE Department;

1. Diploma in Civil Engineering (Module I, II & III) 3 YEARS January/ September
2. Diploma in Building Technology (Module (I, II & III) 3 YEARS January/ September
3. Diploma in Architecture (Module I, II & III) 3 YEARS January/ September
4. Certificate in Building Technology (Module (I &II) 2 YEARS January/ September
5. Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery 2 YEARS January/ September
6. Certificate in Plumbing 2 YEARS MAY
7. Artisan in Plumbing 2 YEARS MAY
8. Artisan in Building Technology 2 YEARS January/ September
9. ArchiCAD and AutoCAD 2 months JAN-DEC

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Milcah M Muthama