Finance Office


The Finance office is headed by Finance officer. The office formulates the Institution policy framework for the operationalization of finance services. It also provides the management with technical staff which includes the accounts clerk, procurement officer and other non-teaching staff for delivery of the following services-

  1. Management of financial resources; the office ensure that there is efficient and effective management of funds for the Institution to accomplish its long term and short term objectives.
  2. Determination of budgetary requirement; It’s the role of finance office to develop annual budget and budgetary control measures to ensure that the Institution operates within the approved budget.
  3. Accounting of funds; On behalf of the Institution, the office receive payments and also make expenditure. The office is therefore mandated to account for all the internal and external transactions. At the end of the year, the office prepare the financial statement as to per the accounting procedures
  4. Provides the management with information necessary to make strategic financial decision at any time during the year.

Mode of Fees payment.

The mode of Tuition fee and Examination fee payment is via Equity bank to the following Institute A/cs;

  1. Tuition fee A/c - 0830263740353
  2. Examination Fees A/c - 0830268993601